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HI! I'm Emilia

I collaborate with professionals in architecture and design industry to create artistic and marketable photography with unique approach and attention for each assignment. 


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my philosophy

I'm combining a MArch degree and almost six years of experience in architectural practice with my journey in becoming a professional architectural photographer and creative entrepreneur. I offer a transparent, responsive, and worry-free process in telling the story of your design throughout a day, week, or month from the most desired vintage points.


"Emilia focuses on bringing forth the vision of your project in her work. She has an amazing eye and a unique take on the world both artistically and personally that shines through in her work." Megan Walsh - Associate/Project Designer - Aria Group Architects

"In addition to quality of work, I really appreciate your clear and timely communication. You always keep me in the loop and I know where you are in the process. You also have a strong sense of customer service and know how to work in a way that is minimally disruptive. My advise to someone considering hiring you would be that you can be trusted take good care of their space and will work collaboratively with your clients to get the best images possible." Laura Lencioni - Marketing Coordinator - Aria Group Architects